Caviar House & Prunier

Caviar House & Prunier present the ultimate in luxury food, the Almas Persicus caviar.



This remarkable 'golden' caviar is available in very limited quantities and was once the private reserve of the Shah of Iran. Today, it is an elite favourite, but is extraordinarily rare. It is sold in a tin lined with 23-carat gold, with a case made of precious wood. A delicacy such as this one deserves nothing but the best. Experience the splendour that is Almas Persicus.
Every holiday party needs that something extra to make it special. To help yours stand out, look no further! Adding some of the caviar or Balik smoked salmon, your event is sure to be a night to remember.




True perfection is all in the details. This special edition, diamond-encrusted Almas Persicus caviar tin is one of a kind and only on display in our Harrods shop.



Did you know that caviar should never be served using silver spoons? The combination silver on caviar can ruin the taste. To avoid this, we recommend using pearl or horn spoons... or if you've got it, even gold!